Coloring Hindu Gods App

flow-chart | wireframing | logo and icon design | final UI

Project Overview

The client who commissioned the project is engaged in publishing and has so far worked on printed versions of the Hindu gods coloring book. The task that our team was given was to make an application for iPad and iPhone devices, and as inputs, we only received drawings drawn by hand. We started working on this project from scratch.

My Task

In this project, my role had several aspects:

  1. Convert drawings to digital (vector) graphic

  2. Create the flow of the entire application

  3. Design all screens, and visually bring it closer to a younger age.


A very accurate and simple flowchart of the Coloring Hindu Goods application. The client said he wanted just that, a simple application flow, and I needed confirmation to proceed with the next steps.


I started by revising the basic flow of the application where I replaced the candidates as the main objects with the offered positions and classified them into three categories. Status and setting are available for each position. Candidate evaluation, as a new functionality, is provided to each team member in the form of rating.

Converting to digital format

The hand-drawn sketches were in very low resolution and had to do a complete retouching and tracing.

chg-hand made

The sketches have been digitized and now each image has its own segments that can be colored with the desired color. The next step was to design the visuals of the book’s cover pages. After the realization of these steps, this is what the final result looks like.


Designing the logo and the icon

With the new flow and functionality, it was logical to change the motto, logo and icon of the application. Clients were very satisfied with the first idea, so there were no iterations in this process. With minor corrections in color and font size, this phase was successfully finalized.

Creating tips

In the meantime, the client sent me a request to insert tips into the app. He also sent me a picture of an elephant as a mascot.

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Final UI

In the last phase, I started designing the remaining screens and navigation icons. After two iterations, we agreed on the final layouts of all screens..

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